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By Imam al-Tirmidhi

A statement on Imam al-Tirmidhi's Shama'il Muhammadiyyah, the main well-known and broadly authorised paintings at the description of the Prophet (sallahu alayhi wa sallam).


The Shama’il of Imām al-Tirmidhī is among the so much wide and celebrated works at the description and attributes of the Messenger of Allah (s). The 415 narrations have been rigorously chosen by way of the good muhaddith to craft a brilliant depiction of the Prophet (s). via this, a portrait of his blessed actual visual appeal, behavior, worship, day-by-day regimen, spirituality and lots more and plenty extra is painted by way of these such a lot loved to him: his noble partners and family members members.

To reduction the reader in extracting the utmost good looks and knowledge from the narrations, we've got rigorously chosen explanatory gem stones from over 40 classical and modern works. a number of the students from whom we now have taken comprise: Abdul Razzaq al-Badr, Ibn Hajar al-Asqalanī, Alī al-Qārī, Al-Bajūrī, Ibn Hajar al-Haytamī, Abū Bakr ibn al-‘Arabī , Al-Nawawī, Ibn al-Uthaymīn, Al-Ghazālī, Qadī ‘Iyyād, Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn al-Qayyim, Al-Shawkānī, Muhammad Amīn al-Shanqītī, Ibn Abdul Barr, Ibn Rajab, Al-Qastalanī, Ibn Kathīr, Abdul Rahman al-Mubarakfūrī, Abū Hafs al-Sūhrawardī, Ibn al-Jawzī, Abdul Muhsin al-Abbad, Al-Suyūtī, Hafith al-Iraqī, Al-San’anī, Ibn Battal, Nasiruddīn al-Albānī and lots of more.

Ibn Kathīr acknowledged, “Scholars authored many titles at the depiction of the Prophet (s), a few of which have been devoted books and a few of which have been chapters in books. From the easiest books authored concerning the depiction of the Prophet (s) is the ebook of Abū 'Īsa, Muhammad ibn 'Īsa al-Sulamī al-Tirmidhi, referred to as al-Shama'il.” [Al -Bidaya wal Nihayah 8/385]

Abdul Razzaq al-Badr stated, "This blessed publication is from the simplest and most valuable books written in regards to the personality and depiction of the Prophet (s) and its writer made it such an outstanding paintings via his structuring of it and the hadiths he incorporated therein. that is why why many students compliment the ebook and view it from the easiest books authored approximately this topic."

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